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Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance (P&I, H&M):

Inmarcons is ready to help with insurance of your vessel or yacht! We cooperate with numerous insurance companies and P&I clubs, in Russia and abroad.  

What we can help you with:


  1. Consulting about possible insurance options and choosing the cover necessary to our client;
  2. Defining the most important requirements for insurance and collecting information which is necessary to the Insurer for premium calculation;
  3. Representing the client and his interests at negotiations with the Insurer;
  4. Upon request we can arrange the tender between insurance companies in order to choose the best possible cover.
  5. Assistance in case of possible insurance event (consulting on necessary steps, way to communicate with claims handling team of the Insurer).

Our advantages

  • We have rich experience in maritime industry, in particular, in vessels and yacht insurance, therefore, we need minimum information to choose the Insurer and the preferable cover;
  • We understand the main risks of shipowners and the requirements of our clients;
  • We know the real market prices and will not let you overpay;
  • We are able to work promptly and don’t ask unnecessary questions or documents;
  • And FINALLY, we feel responsibility for our work and will take all our efforts to find the desirable cover!